We provide services that enable and improve the quality of everyday life in multiple ways

By implementing projects in the field of energy efficiency and environmental protection within various infrastructural, purpose-built or residential facilities, we contribute to improving the quality of life of citizens who will continue to use these facilities for daily functioning, rest, recreation, or for living in them.

Performing electrical works on all types of construction objects

Performing electrical works on all types of construction objects

Electrical assembly work on all types of buildings includes assembly, connection, wiring, testing and commissioning of the delivered equipment. The equipment includes high and low current energy cables, transmission lines, poles, public lighting lamps, control cabinets, as well as aggregates and uninterruptible power supplies.

What we provide?

Delivery and installation of cables of all energy levels, as well as low current cables

Testing, adjustment and commissioning of installed equipment and systems

Delivery and installation of high and low current equipment

Maintenance and ensuring uninterrupted operation of installed equipment and systems

Construction of residential and commercial buildings ​

The construction of residential and commercial buildings is accompanied by the execution of all construction works on buildings of various purposes, both private and public. All such objects which we helped to be built, are constructed in accordance with modern solutions in construction.

What we provide?

Performing preparatory works and preparing the site for construction in accordance with the main project

Performing all types of ground and concrete works

Production of roof structures and canopies, as well as thermal facades

Carrying out final construction and other works, depending on the need and purpose of the buildings

Projecting and designing

We prepare complete project and technical documentation for all types of electrical installations and facilities – from initial ideas, conceptual solutions and projects, projects for building permits, construction projects to projects of completed buildings. We provide expert advice, analysis and recommendations and we create rationalization projects in the design and execution phase of electrical assembly works.

What we provide?​

Creation of initial ideas for the electrical assembly works

Development of conceptual solutions and projects

Expert advice, recommendations and analysis

Creation of rationalization projects in the design and execution phase

Wholesale of electrical materials

We wholesale a wide range of electrical materials and offer the possibility of purchasing equipment for the distribution of electricity. The range of electrical materials in our offer includes everything – from installation cables, low-voltage and high-voltage equipment to complete substations. The equipment and products we offer guarantee quality and a long service life.

What we provide?​

Installation cables of all voltage levels

Low-voltage and high-voltage equipment


Lighting and electrical fittings